Posted by | September 17th 2012

The Last Closet team is prepared to ask two key questions: “Will you invite your gay players to come out?” and “What safety net will you have in place for them once they do?” What other questions would you like to ask the commissioners? You can post questions to individual commissioners, or general questions directed to all. Also feel free to make general comments here about this campaign. We encourage inquiry and debate. Click “Ask the Commissioners a Question” in the yellow bar above.


7 Responses to “Ask the Commissioners a Question”



Why do you believe it’s taking so long for a player to come out?


it’s 2012….what are you afraid of?

Maggie Hegarty

I am Happy & Proud to be doing the right thing. Won’t you do the same…Please.

Joe Rodriguez

Why do you think that straight men are afraid of having openly gay teammates? What is their fear? What is the worst thing that can happen?



    Great question Joe. In fact most pro players HAVE had gay teammates and have not known it. I guess the worse thing that could happen never did.


We are afraid athletes (and fans?!) will behave badly… but it would be nice to be able to address bad behavior rather than the threat and intimidation and fear that comes from the silence.