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current campaign: owners

WHY do we need to hear from these Owners? As leaders of their respective teams, owners are in the unique position to change the culture of their sport. These 5 owners have already made important contributions to promote a culture of tolerance and inclusiveness in their sport – we’re respectfully asking them to go a step further and agree to an interview with The Last Closet.


MAKE A DIFFERENCE! HELP end homophobia in men’s professional sports, and by extension, contribute to a broader cultural change. Write a letter, pick up the phone, tweet a message—your voice is instrumental in effecting change! Tell them THEIR voices need to be heard.

Francesco Aquilini, NHL owner_baer-accepted Mark Cuban, NBA Robert Kraft, NFL Merritt Paulson, MLS

send a letter today

Dear Owner


This letter is coming to you as an acknowledgement of your many great accomplishments to promote inclusion and tolerance within pro sports. I would like to thank you heartily for your continued support of the LGBT sports community.


Your position as a team owner affords you the power to make yet another important contribution to this cause – an on camera interview answering these two questions:


1. Would you invite the gay players on your team to come out? 

2. Would you be willing to provide viable safety nets for these athletes once they do come out?


Athletes are our national heroes. That none have taken the courageous step to “come out” sends a distinctly negative message to our youth. Just one professional player saying the words, “I’m a pro athlete and I’m gay.” would profoundly contribute to the emotional well being of those young people without heroes of their own in major professional sports.

The Last Closet, is a web-based campaign run by the award-winning documentary film company Woman Vision, to initiate and promote conversation about homophobia and to lay the groundwork for a gay athlete in each of the top five major sports to come out while actively playing.


They and I respectfully request that you make your voice heard on this important issue. What you say could further shift the culture of sports so that one day we may have our first gay pro sports heroes.

Thank you,

[Your name]

Thank you for considering an interview request from The Last Closet Team!

Please contact: The Last Closet Team The Last Closet
Woman Vision Productions
3570 Clay St. SF, CA 94118
Your information: Select which owners to contact:
NHL- Francesco Aquilini - Vancouver Canucks
MLB - Larry Baer - San Francisco Giants
NBA - Mark Cuban - Dallas Mavericks
NFL - Robert Kraft - New England Patriots
MLS - Merritt Paulson - Portland Timbers
All of the above
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