who we are and why we’re here

The Last Closet began as a documentary film produced under the auspices of Woman Vision. The documentary had goals similar to this present campaign—we wanted to know why no male player in any of the top five major sports has come out publicly while actively playing. As we compiled research materials and interviewed our first subjects for the film, it became clear that some members of the sports hierarchy were not going to make themselves available to speak about this taboo subject. In addition, we realized that making the film would take two to three years—the low average for completing an independent documentary film.

We felt an urgency enhanced by the depressing statistics related to bias-based bullying and gay teen suicide that were making news on an almost daily basis. We knew that just one professional athlete saying the words, “I’m a pro athlete and I’m gay,” would make a world of difference in the lives of those kids struggling with self-acceptance.

The Last Closet team shifted into high gear, utilizing the exquisite design platforms available on the internet. We are now mobilizing our web visitors in a grassroots effort to obtain these strategic interviews with the goal of encouraging our first gay sports hero to come forward.

See “Our Mission” for a full understanding of what we’re ABOUT.


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